Wondering about the technical terms such as gsm, pre-shrunk, bio-washed & so on……..

We know it is very time consuming for our customers to decode the meanings of technical terms that are used to express the quality of 10Hives T-shirts. So here is the detailed and easy explanation to help you to make an informed and educated choice while buying 10Hives T-shirts:

  • GSM: It is just the weight of the garment. Higher the GSM doesn’t always means the better quality. Quality depends on the numbers of factors that are explained below. 160-180 gsm is considered to be of better quality. The T-shirts available on customgiftings.com of 10Hives brand are of 180 GSM.
  • Brushed Cotton: The cotton is mechanically brushed to remove any excess fibres, resulting in a soft and smooth cotton. The fabric undergoes a mechanical brushing process and fine, metal brushes carefully rub the fabric to produce fine fibres.
  • Combed Cotton:It is a combing method used to remove short fibres and to straighten and arrange longer fibres into parallel order to create a smooth, fine fabric. Carding is done before to separate the individual cotton fibres and to run them in the same direction. Combed cotton is usually used to produce finer T-shirts and is softer than Brushed Cotton. Short fibres are taken out.
  • Ring Spun Cotton: It is made by twisting and spinning a rope of cotton fibres. This results in a really soft feel yet very strong fabric.
  • Bio-washed: This is a washing process to remove unwanted fibres (usually short in length) that are sticking up and out from fabrics so that the T-shirt can have a cleaner surface. This eliminates many of the extra fibres and it also helps to reduce pilling. Pilling is nothing but extra fibres getting accumulated after wash or wear.
  • Pre-shrunk: Many people think that pre-shrunk means that the fabric has been washed and dried, but its not the case. The fabric is made to go through a machine that pushes the fibres tightly together, condensing the fabric by removing the space between the stitches. It is same as the shrinking process of washing and drying.Shrinkage process takes most of the shrinkage out. This however doesn’t mean that there will be no shrinkage. There will still be shrinkage anywhere from 3% to 7%.  But you need not to worry about this as the shrinkage after you wash and dry  is not noticeable. Most of us wouldn’t even notice it when it comes to fit.
  • 30s or 30 singles / 20s or 20 singles etc.: It is the thickness of the yarn that is used to weave your T-shirts. A higher number means a finer thread, so in turn a softer, finer fabric. 18s = cheap, 20s = better quality. We use 24s and that is why our T-shirts are of high quality yet affordable.


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