About Our Team

Real people behind the scene

Who we are?

We are passionate about custom designs and offering custom design for masses. We are a team of matured experts of their respective fields.
A well known developer, designer, engineer and marketer teamed up together for the purpose.
We intend to produce quality by Researches, Experiments and Evolve products that is quality rich and not just products which are already in market.
We go out, hunt and bring out the best products for you so that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office. Enjoy the freedom of shopping from anywhere at any time.

Custom Giftings

Vinod Rawat


  • Design, UX 90%
  • Web Programming 80%
  • Internet Marketing 80%
  • Illustration 90%

Kanwar Sumit Dutta


  • Marketing 85%
  • Research 70%
  • Procurement 50%
  • Quality Control 90%

Ishwar Singh

Style Expert

  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Tech Support 30%
  • Style and Design 70%
  • Quality Analysis 70%

Arvind Sharma

Co-Founder / BDM

  • Design, UX 95%
  • Quality Control 80%
  • Business Development 90%
  • Illustration 80%

About CustomGiftings.com

Based out in Chandigarh, India, CustomGiftings.com is an e-commerce start-up committed to provide you quality and the latest products in an easy and transparent manner at affordable prices. Presently we are shipping across India.

We provide custom print products in clothing and also have gift items custom printed as you like. We will be adding many other categories as we grow to provide you everything you need under one roof, less than one website.
We ensure 100% authentic products and secure shipping. We desire to be the best in terms of customer satisfaction.

Evolution of Products @ CustomGiftings.com

Thought Process

We give lot of thought before adding designs / products here, Generally everything begins with thought, it give birth to ideas, concepts and clears way to go ahead.



Our thought gave many ideas and putting them together we managed to focus in some and started research on how to’s. Bringing Ideas to success life will take lot of research.


Some non nuclear experiments we conducted, we ran many quality testing, experimented various methods we can adopt to deliver quality design and products and it still continues.


Finally after lot of thoughts + researches + experiments something lovable we evolved, which withstands quality checks. You will surely love what we have evolved here for you.

Recent Blog Posts

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We believe that our customers must know the basics of what goes into making their prints come to life on a T-shirt. Printing on T-shirts is a very complex and time consuming process.  There are many types of printing methods available. It varies with the designs,...

Introductory Offer

Free design for orders from us. we are offering Free Standard Designing for your T-shirt, Mug or Cap along with your order for any number of quantity. – LIMITED PROMO.

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